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For over 30 years, Fleet Safety International has provided the very best in research based Driver Safety Training. Through a team of dedicated professionals, Fleet Safety International delivers safety solutions that manage risk, save lives and decrease costs. Fleet Safety International programs are designed by industry experts such as Dr. R. H. Flemmer and meet or exceed all standards and regulations. Regardless of anyone's knowledge, skill, experience or training, there are some days that we are better drivers than we are on other days.

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The SAFER™ System is a program designed by Dr. R.H. Flemmer specifically to meet the needs of corporations throughout the world. The Mentally Active SAFER™ System is not only a Strategic Based system, but is also a Behavior Based system that incorporates the knowledge that regardless of anyone's driving skills, some days we are better drivers then others. The SAFER™ system takes core strategic defensive driving concepts and incorporates key research about Adult Learning theory, Change theory and Modern Defensive Driving theory to create a system that focuses on driver behavior and attitudes.

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